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Prior to proceeding onward, I, Alka Maheshwari D/O Ramgopal Maheshwari (Retd. Asstn. Transp. Commissioner Jodhpur) introduce to my well-wishers, readers of astrology, palmistry, and other social books that after completion of my education I read a number of astrology and palmistry books since I had a keen interest in this field. In this respect, I attended a number of some elans, seminars on the invitation of such institutions who have known my services in this field. I am a famous Astro-Palmist in Jodhpur.

In the year 2018 in April I established a SANSTHAN in the name and style, “SHRI SAPTSATI JYOTISH SHODH SHIKSHAN AND VIKAS SANSTHAN “ (Regd.). The main object of this organization was to let the general mass, young generation to educate this subject so that our young generation can join this institution for the service of Aam Janta in the social field. Best Numerologist in Jodhpur and Palmist in Jodhpur.

I organized the first and foremost National seminar on palmistry which was the first in Rajasthan. This was one of the best national seminars organized by a lady like me. My object has always been to inculcate to my readers to render their services for mankind. On account of my services and achievements, I have been awarded several awards at the national and international level like, ‘VAIBHAVA SHLOK’, HASTVARIDHI, Maitri Samman, Master of Astrology, and many more. Horoscope Astrology in Jodhpur.
I have always been in touch with Astrology and Palmistry books.

A number of charitable activities have also been done in the past. Several persons who have known my name and fame have come in my contact to know their future events. I have tried to solve their problems and advised them to wear certain types of gems as a solution to their problems. Not only this they have been advised other remedies like Worship of God and Goddess etc. My predictions have almost come true at about 80 to 90%. In case, my well-wishers and persons have faith and interest in this aforesaid subject, are requested to contact me for seeking my appointment through mail or phone number.

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