In a recent development, the double taxation avoidance agreement between India and Myanmar has been signed, aiming to eliminate the double taxation of income and wealth for individuals and businesses operating in both countries.

Alongside this, a new roommate agreement for utilities has been introduced to ensure fair distribution of utility costs among roommates in shared living spaces.

The latest version, the ASCA Annual Agreement 4th edition, has been released, providing updated guidelines for professional school counselors across the country.

Wondering about the regional trade agreements and member countries of Sweden? Find out more about the countries involved and the impact of such agreements on global trade.

For those seeking financial assistance for purchasing a property, understanding the terms of an agreement of mortgage can be crucial. This article sheds light on the important aspects of a mortgage agreement.

The tobacco settlement agreement fund oversight committee has been established to monitor and allocate funds received from tobacco companies to support healthcare initiatives and mitigate the negative effects of tobacco use.

Looking to modify an existing settlement agreement? Learn about the process of varying a settlement agreement and the potential consequences of such modifications.

The BTN Free Trade Agreement aims to facilitate free trade among participating countries and promote economic growth and cooperation in the region.

With the introduction of the TN Visa New NAFTA Agreement, professionals from Mexico and Canada can obtain temporary work visas in the United States, opening up new opportunities for cross-border collaboration.

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